5 daily tools to make you more productive

Last week, I wrote about the new steps I was taking to getting things done. This week, I’m writing about the tools I keep to stay productive on a daily basis. Try them out and see if they work for you too!

1. A planner

If you don’t have a planner, how can you plan? Michael’s and Indigo have amazing planners, but either wait for them to go on sale or make sure equipped with a coupon because they can be pricey. And while they are pretty, make sure you actually use them. Write down important dates, appointments, meetings, bill payments and deadlines.

2. A to-do list

Your planner isn’t your to-do list. And it’s crucial that you keep them separate. Your to-do list needs to be on you whenever you can have it on hand. I used to carry mine around in my purse, along with highlighters to make sure I got colourful recognition whenever I finished a task. My favourite part was the rainbow I’d have by the end of the week.

3. A pen and paper

I’ve used several planning apps, phone and computer organizers, but when it comes to taking notes, old school really is the way to go. Always keep a pen and paper, or even better, a notepad with you for important things you might need to jot down throughout the day.

4. A meal planner

There are few things worse than having a wonderfully productive day at work only to get the “What’s for dinner?” call on your way home. The night you thought you’d spend relaxing is now dedicated to making a stop at the grocery store during peak hours and throwing together whatever you can in the next hour.

You don’t have to go out and buy something fancy, but it’s never a bad idea to map your week’s meals out in advance, make sure you’ve got the groceries you need to make them, saving you time, money and calories when it matters most!

5. A clear inbox

I feel like my inbox is a reflection of my mind. When it’s full and cluttered, it’s hard to feel like I’m on the ball. But when I go through my emails, checking them and deleting the ones that have served their purpose, I feel more in control. Schedule times to check your email if you don’t want to be attached to your phone or computer all day long, reply to the urgent ones, delete the junk and keep the ones that will come in handy. I promise you’ll notice the difference!

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