• Stephanie Hinds

My favourite free fitness apps

Nothing pushes you to want to get your butt in shape like having a baby. What was once tight and muscular is now loose, jiggly and covered in stretchmarks.

But wanting to get your butt in shape and actually getting it in shape are two very different things.

First, I signed up for a gym with my partner and sister. Our other two friends later joined. We even found a gym with a daycare so we couldn't use our baby as an excuse (which we've done countless times in the past).

Then, I started downloading apps that I felt would help keep my motivation up. I downloaded 8fit, a free-trial app that came with a customized fitness plan, a customized meal plan, push alerts for workout reminders and a grocery list tailored to your meal plan.

The catch: After 14 short days, you'd be paying $79.99 to enjoy the rest of the year.


Below is a list of the free fitness apps I downloaded in place of 8fit that got the job done for the magical price of $0!

1. Qinetic

What I like most about Qinetic is that the app asks you for your preferences amongst a list of wide-ranging options including Mommy Workouts! The app allows you to stream your choice of more than 400+ on-demand workout classes including yoga, medicine ball exercises, and high intensity interval training.

2. 7 Minute Workout

As a mom, seven minutes is just about all the time I have, which is why I love this app. It provides you with a series of seven minute workouts, has voice command and shows you a video diagram of what you should be doing with your body. It also records your data for people like me that like to see their progress!

3. Daily Ab

My main concern in life right now is trying to regain the abs I had when I was in university. So the Daily Ab app is great because it allows you to choose how much time you have and how many reps you want to do. Then, it offers you a video demonstration of the exercise. It allows you to skip through exercises or pause (in case you need to catch your breath).

4. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app allows you to choose your difficulty level, then compiles a list of top picks. They give you the difficulty and skill levels beforehand.

This app is great because there is always tons of new content. Perfect for someone who gets tired of doing the same thing over and over again and is looking for new challenges!

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