My favourite newsletters of all time

One thing that really makes me feel valuable is a full inbox. If you think about people who are actually tasked with things like "checking emails", doesn't it just give off an air of importance?

That could be why I'm subscribed to tons and tons of mailing lists and newsletters. And while some of them get an instant delete while I'm "checking emails", there are a few of them that I open all the time. Here they are:


Being someone that works in the news, it's important to touch base with the big stories. Luckily, theSkimm does that for me. It gives you three versions of a news story--the headline, the story in detail and the Skimm, which is essentially the story in a nutshell. This means that this newsletter is excellent for anyone who wants to be in the loop but doesn't have a ton of time.

theSkimm also offers more than hard news (yay). The lifestyle lover in me never leaves the site, or the handy dandy app, with my thirst for some home deco inspo or some finance tips unquenched.

If it sounds like something you'd be in to, subscribe today!


Okay, maybe not a newsletter, but just as valuable as being in the know of news is being in the know of some damn good deals.

You know that creepy thing everyone complains about where you look something up online and then the ads for that exact same thing start popping up everywhere? Scary, but super useful.

I've been looking for a home cleaning service, a fantastic car detailing place and a good couples spa for a while now. And to be honest, I don't always have the time to sit and sift through hundreds of Groupons on the site. So being on their mailing list has saved me lots of time while still letting me know the best place to find exactly what I'm looking for.

Enjoy a good deal? Sign up with Groupon:


Not that I ever shop in the physical store because there's not one even remotely close to me, but I really do love their stuff. When my partner and I first bought our home, my aunts bought us amazing dishes with beautiful designs. I had no idea where they were from so I checked the box and there it was in tiny, beautiful writing, A N T H R O P O L O G I E.

When I browse their online catalogue, I find that their dishes are almost always on sale and artisan cups and plates start from about four bucks. Not bad, right? The best part is that if you call the store, they deliver your order directly to you for F R E E.

Love all things beautiful? S U B S C R I B E!

Lauren Conrad

Anyone that knows me knows that Lauren Conrad is my soul sister. She's my answer to the age-old question, "If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?"

I love creeping her Instagram. I love being on her site. The pastel colours really bring me to a peaceful place. Also, now that we're both moms, I like to check up on my nephew every once and again. So it's no wonder that I'm on her mailing list.

But besides my minor case of stalking, there's lots of useful content on there. From recipes to gardening tips to how to style your home, her website is my one-stop shop on how to live my best life.

Like useful content and pretty pastels? She's your girl!

The Little Market

Remember like, a few seconds ago where I went on and on about just how much I love Lauren Conrad? Well in case it wasn't clear, I love her so much that I am also subscribed to a company she is co-creator of.

The Little Market allows you to purchase locally-made, fair trade artisanal goods from around the world. They have amazing products that range from candles to kitchenware to baby blankets. Everything is so unique and crafty and each piece is something you can really appreciate.

Did I mention Lauren Conrad co-created the company?

Love fair trade? Check out their stuff!

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