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Profile: Who is Winston Delacalle?

(Photo credit: Adam, @addikai on Instagram)

“It means ‘Winston from the streets,’” he says as he sips his tall blond, no whip.

He sits across from me in a café, suave, smooth and cool as ever, adjusting his one-of-a-kind moustache every now and then.

He smiles at the café-goers, shaking hands with one lady and offering her a seat.

This is Winston.

But he’s a lot more than the man with the moustache, the well put together outfits, the manners and the cool persona.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Winston, personally and professionally. We share a similar zest for life, an urge for laughter, peace and good vibes only.

He’s got a wide range of interests, but at this point in his life, three things matter the most:

“Networking, photography and helping youth,” he explains. “I’ve always had a passion for it. It’s something I want to get back into,” discussing the latter of the three.

Winston’s photography skills are something I was lucky enough to witness first-hand on several occasions. He was the one of the eyes behind the lenses of the cameras that caught the eventful day that was my sister’s wedding.

He had never photographed a wedding before, but I knew he was the perfect guy for the job. And he didn’t disappoint by any means.

He’s photographed several events, people, places and things.

Clearly, Winston doesn’t limit himself to any one thing. He just enjoys taking photos and making moments come to life.

As a networker, no one can work a room like him. He sashays with ease and makes the rounds, introducing himself and leaving no hand unshaken. This is what makes him memorable.

As he heads to an upcoming event in Montreal to meet up with several photographers, I can only imagine the impression he’ll leave on his fellow colleagues. Because it’s the same impression he leaves on everyone.

One of favour, one of curiosity and one of intrigue.

That’s Winston. Winston from the streets.

(Photo credit: Kurt, @happypupp1 on Instagram)

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