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How to make more at your current job

Do you find yourself stuck between needing more money and being stuck at your current job? For many of us, leaving our current employer is just not an option. The reasons vary from needing the flexibility of the hours, the upcoming maternity/paternity/vacation time you’ve acquired, or just needing the money! But what if there was a way, or five, that you could earn more at your current place of work? Here are five ways you could add some pounds to your paycheck.

Office incentives

Almost every office has a tasteless poster advertising a cheesy competition or sales incentive. You might pass them off as being unworthy of the effort required, but $50 for first place is still $50 more than you had before kicking butt in the competition. Keep an eye out for office incentives that offer cash rewards, gift cards, or hourly leave with pay.

Get all your hours

Personally, my favourite question to be asked is whether I’d like to leave early. While it sure is nice to have a few hours off of work, as an employee that gets paid hourly, it’s not so nice to get a paycheck missing some digits. Think about it this way: you were prepared to work your full hours when you left in the morning, work them! Unless there is something extremely important going on, always try and work your full shift. You’ll get the reward on payday.

Apply for promotions

Most companies, if they’re smart, hire internally before they even think about posting the ad elsewhere. These job opportunities not only offer you the advantage of less competition, but a job that will pay you more to do more of what you’re already familiar with. Notify your superiors that you’re interested in moving up in the company, even if it’s not for the long-term, and you might be the first in line for upcoming job opportunities.

Market yourself

If you were a math wizard in school and your coworker Sally’s son is failing algebra, that sounds like an opportunity! Offer Sally to tutor her son for a reasonable amount a couple nights a week. If you’re a writer or a photographer, let people know you do freelance work. That way, when Sally’s son celebrates his graduation, thanks to you, you can take the photos at his grad party. And get paid for it too!

Ask for a raise

This is by far the biggest challenge. It’s much more difficult than exceeding the sales quota. It has to do with standing up for yourself in the face of people who are mainly concerned with trying to cut down on labour costs, not increase them. However, if you are confident in the contributions you have made to your workplace, you have every right to ask that your pay be increased. Many companies offer their workers yearly raises with hopes that by doing that, it will deter employees from asking for more money in between. But if you wait an entire year for an extra 35 cents an hour, it’s going to be a long time before you can buy that cottage.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate your wages. While half of that comes from being straight up and asking for more money, the other half is simply being aware of the opportunities that come from being around people on a daily basis. Always market yourself and don’t ever shy away from the opportunity to make some money.

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