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Was Seth MacFarlane Really That Bad?

There has been a hodgepodge of reviews on how Seth MacFarlane served as the host of the 85th annual Academy Awards (I never know whether to call it the Oscars, or the Academy Awards, but I'll use both throughout this post just to be fair). Best-known for his outlandish, witty, and perhaps even inappropriate sense of humor, is anyone else confused as to what people were expecting? We've all watched at least one episode of Family Guy, and seen bits and pieces of American Dad. So if we can handle his humor when we are perched in front of our televisions for comic relief, what was the issue with him displaying his authentic self at the Oscars? (We're one for one now). His jokes about the Latino presenters like Selma Hayek and Zoe Saldana, the hilarious Kardashian bit, and the still-too-soon? reference to the domestic abuse incident between Rihanna and Chris Brown, should have come as no surprise. Paying slight recognition throughout the show to the jokes that didn't go over so well, he was humble and well-composed for someone with an estimated 40.3 million eyes on him (well, 80.6 million if we're going to be technical). Reports show there were one million more people tuned in this year as opposed to the 2012 Academy Awards, hosted by Billy Crystal. So why did Seth MacFarlane get such terrible reviews? Well, I think the most obvious answer would be the sophistication of the event. The Oscars call for a much more-dare I say it-uptight etiquette. Let's face it, this was not the MTV Awards. People don't get dressed up to the nines and wear their most expensive gear for what "felt like an awfully lot like a Family Guy episode," says Tim Molloy of TheWrap. Nevertheless, Seth MacFarlane gave it his all, and more importantly, gave us all a show to remember. Despite making a statement that "No way" would he ever host the event again, and that it was a "lotta fun to have done it," the audience that could handle his humor will remember his ever-so-graceful presence on that stage...and perhaps use him as a frame of reference for the upcoming hosts-to-be. Whether or not that works in their favor? We'll have to wait and see.

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