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Canada's Next Best Comedian: Aaron Lewin

Aaron Kadeem Lewin was born and raised in Richmond Hill. At the age of 18, long after he realized a passion in comedy, he pursued it. He began doing stand-up comedy after his friends constantly pushed him to make a career out of being the class clown.

During his first year of university, he produced his own show. Since then, he has gone on to perform in New York and throughout venues across Ontario.

Lewin has had the pleasure of performing with Spoken Reasons, Brandon T. Jackson, Capone and Faizon Love. He guest hosted the late night talk show Late Night With Michael Charbon, the Gemini award-winning executive producer from Rogers TV. From basement bars to the 1,300 seat John Bassett Theatre, Lewin doesn’t turn away a venue.

Lewin describes comedy as his own special way of expressing himself.

“It allows me to be a bright light in the darkest of rooms,” he says. “I want to be able to get my name out there because I feel I’m as talented and funny as any comic.”

Lewin’s comedy is hugely anecdotal. It’s based on the simple fact that he grew up being the only black guy in his community.

Some of Lewin’s biggest inspirations have been Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. He studies their performances like textbooks.

“I try to pick them apart, see what I can use,” Lewin says. “For example, Chris Rock taught me to always move on the stage, never stand still. That way, the audience doesn’t get an opportunity to look away from you.”

His goal? To be the funniest Canadian stand up comedian ever. Aware of the obstacles, he believes it’s still possible. He hopes to perform at the Just For Laughs festival held in Montreal.

“It would be a huge stepping stone for me,” Lewin says.

This Saturday, Lewin will be taking the stage at the John Bassett theatre. He is set to hit the stage to amaze the audience with his witty and charming personality. He’s looking forward to wowing his favorite group of people-Torontonians.

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